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What Are The Role And Responsibilities Of A Private KS1 Tutor?

The primary tutor has a vital role in the educational process of students. Apart from having teaching responsibilities, a primary teacher also has a role in a student’s personal and social development.

If we talk about a private KS1 tutor, the teacher is responsible for educating 5-7-year-old children. KS1 is the first key stage of primary school. This blog sheds light on the roles and skills of a private KS1 tutor. We will also focus on the relationship a teacher is responsible for maintaining with parents.

The Role Of A KS1 Tutor In The Classroom

A private KS1 tutor is a teacher you can hire for your children’s early years development. In general, a KS1 teacher is in charge of each one of the educational levels offered in the schools.

With a private tutoring role, private KS1 tutors have a guiding function that cannot be separated from their task as a professional. They are, without a doubt, fundamental support for a child’s development.

Here are some key roles and responsibilities of a private KS1 tutor:

In the primary education classroom, the roles and responsibilities of the tutor are apparent. With those roles and responsibilities, a KS1 tutor could be best for your child’s overall academic and behavioural development. We could summarise them this way:

  • Guide your child in their learning process. They listen to their needs and offer answers to their typical questions and concerns.
  • Address their difficulties. It is not strange that a child may not feel good in a classroom among many other students. A private KS1 tutor can listen carefully to your child’s difficulties and offer solutions to overcome any obstacles in the learning and development processes.
  • Inform parents. One of the private tutor’s most important tasks is to inform. The tutor explains to and guides parents how they can play a meaningful role in their child’s development.
  • Take part in the evaluation process. The tutor will actively participate in the evaluation of the child, helping both the tutor and parents to know areas where the child needs more improvement.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the teaching and learning process. A private KS1 tutor will ensure the appropriate functioning of the overall learning process. The tutor will collaboratively work with parents to ensure that high standards are recognised, valued, and maintained in all curriculum domains.

Skills Of A Private KS1 Tutor

  • It is true that as tutors, it will be essential to have some vital skills to carry out their job correctly.
  • A tutor has to be balanced and mature and can listen to the child.
  • Besides, having empathy, professionalism, and the strength of motivation is also essential for a KS1 teacher.

Parents need to find coherence and leadership capacity in a private tutor. All these skills will grow and develop the child.

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you recognise the worth of a private KS1 tutor responsible for the learning and development of your child. If you are looking for a KS1 tutor as a private home tutor for your child, United Tuition Group is here to serve you. You will find all the skills you saw here in our tutors. Not only KS1 tutors, but you can also find a highly-qualified tutor for GCSE, A-Level, KS 2, KS3, and 11 Plus students. Contact us today!

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