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Are you looking for an exceptionally skilled and experienced A-level Chemistry Tutor online in the UK? Our team of Chemistry tutors include professional and qualified Chemistry teachers. Contact us today, and we will match your child with the best Chemistry tutor. Every student is unique; we at United Tuition Group ensure that every student’s individual educational needs are taken care of.

Having Difficulty with the Major Science Subjects? We Will Match You with the Best A-level Chemistry Tutor Online!

Chemistry is all about the composition of matter, the changes it undergoes, and the laws that govern those changes. As a step up from GCSE Chemistry, A-level Chemistry covers an extensive range of modules, which include:

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry 
  • Inorganic Chemistry

What Are The Core Topics In Chemistry?

A-level students are required to learn more about these topics to have an in-depth and developed understanding of all areas of Chemistry.

  • Physical chemistry teaches more about atomic structure, chemical bonding, and electrochemistry. 
  • Inorganic chemistry covers the periodic table and the chemistry of the transition elements in more detail. 
  • In Organic Chemistry, students learn more about hydrocarbons, types of compounds, derivatives, polymerization, and a lot of other essential course content.

Our A-level Chemistry tutors are experts in their field and have gained years of experience in teaching and tutoring. Hence, our tutors ensure that UTG students are prepared at the highest level for their exams. Indeed, all our tutors are familiar with the most effective exam techniques used at A-level to achieve the top grades.

United Tuition Group Cover All Exam Boards - Get Dedicated and Tailored Help!

A Level Chemistry tutor

Don’t see your exam board here? We have currently listed the most common exam boards students come to us with. Incredibly, all our tutors are remarkably skilled and have outstanding credentials. Furthermore, they can comfortably transition across different exam boards, as much of the skills, content, and exam techniques for A-level Chemistry are relevant to all.

We prepare every student according to their given exam board. Additionally, our tutors help students to achieve their target grades and excel at A-level Chemistry. UTG students are proven to achieve their desired grades and get into their chosen universities.

Our Chemistry Lessons - Learn with Qualified Tutors

We understand that A-level Chemistry is one of the most challenging subjects to take at A-level. Additionally, many students need help bridging the gap between GCSE and A-level, even if they have achieved a grade of 8 or 9 at the GCSE level. In addition to the above, our UTG tutors provide students with the extra support and confidence they need to understand all A-level Chemistry topics thoroughly.

Your A-Level Chemistry tutor will ensure that you receive tailored tutoring according to your specific requirements. However, at this higher academic level, we recommend that students opt for one-to-one sessions with a qualified UTG Chemistry tutor to benefit from the personal attention that comes with one-to-one tuition.

We understand that a unique approach is essential, especially at A-level. Therefore, our tutors adapt their lessons according to the individual student and identify how they learn best. Primarily, UTG students have a history of getting the grades they want and getting into the institutions of their choice.

Moreover, we deliver lessons in different ways, including:

  • Presentations
  • Interactive videos
  • Interactive whiteboard sessions 
A Level Chemistry tutor

What is Our Lesson Format?

Exam practice is at the heart of our lessons and is an essential part of our lesson format. This is why we encourage all our tutors to go through the past paper and exam-style questions at every lesson.

So that students are prepared all year round for their upcoming A-level Chemistry exams. In addition to the above, this ensures that alongside course content, exam preparation is also covered from the very beginning of the academic year, which is a technique proven to be used by all high-achieving students.

We Use The Latest A-Level Chemistry Resources - Chemistry Tutors Online In The United Kingdom

Many of our tutors are part of renowned educational institutions in the UK. Additionally, they have access to the latest A-level Chemistry teaching and revision resources which they provide to their students. Moreover, they have a considerable volume of Chemistry past-paper exam questions which they share with students during lessons and for homework. Furthermore, the most up-to-date resources are available to UTG tutors, giving our students the best chance at success in their A-level Chemistry exams.

Choose An Experienced And Qualified Chemistry Tutor

At UTG, we believe that the best A-level Chemistry tutor is a qualified science teacher. This is because they understand the curriculum and exam preparation at a high level. Moreover, we carefully vet all our tutors and ensure they have accredited qualifications, including:

  • Top grades in their subject
  • PGCE qualifications
  • QTS in their subject specialism. 

As a matter of fact, our tutors also teach in some of the most outstanding schools in the UK. Notably, we only hire tutors with a high level of tutoring and teaching experience and have accumulated many hours of teaching time in the subject they teach.

If you’re in need of A-level Chemistry tutoring either in-person or online in the UK, you can reach out to us. Our experienced UTG A-level Chemistry tutor will provide you with quality lessons as per your schedule. You can also see what our past students have to say by checking their reviews on Google Maps. Either Enrol Now or Contact us for more details about A-Level Chemistry tuition or online sessions in Aldershot, Ash, Farnborough, Farnham, and Fleet in the United Kingdom.

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