Tips to get success for 11+ exams

Are you worried about your children 11+ exams? Don’t worry we are here to help you and your children to get success in their examination as we have come up with some easy tips that step towards the success of your children.

Get organised
The first step to being successful in any field whether it is the examination of life or the examination of children is the preparation. So if you want your children to be a success in the examination so you should motivate them to start preparing themselves for the examination as soon as possible so that they are having enough time to cover the whole syllabus for their entrance exam.

To complete the whole syllabus they must set targets and create timetables along with deadlines as it will help them to keep track of their preparation and to balance their work time with their leisure time. This will surely help them to remain organised and also be able to make them stress-free so that they can easily before us towards their goals.

Application process
If your child is sure about the 11+ exam is desired route to pursue then, it is very important to make sure that he or she will be familiar with the application process for his desired school and local authority. It is also very important that your children must be well aware of the whole application process of applying.

One important thing to be kept in mind is that the dates of application may vary from place to place and from school to school. So if you are not much aware of the process then you should consult at your desired School regarding the procedure of admission or you can go through their website to gain more details about it.

Practice time tables
Maths and reasoning skills play a vital role to qualify for any competitive exam and the secret of having good skills in mathematics is to be well aware of the timetables. All the people who are are very well aware of their timetables will be confidently able to solve math problems for reasoning problems within a very short period. Having looked towards their timetables help the student to speed up their preparation process so that they will have enough time to revise the whole course.

Practice and improve vocabulary
Vocabulary also plays a vital role in your selection procedure So being a parent you should encourage your child to improve their vocabulary and use such words which they are not so confident about. For improving your vocabulary it is advisable to read fictional books and newsletters regularly. Along with that in your leisure time, it is advisable to listen to the radio and have a conversation with adults as it also helps the student to boost up their confidence. All the children who prepare well for their 11+ examination have seen that they are having 1500 to 2000 more words in their vocabulary as compared to less successful candidates.

Enjoy your ‘ME’ time
As the preparation for the entrance exam is quite stressful and create pressure in the minds of both students and their parents, the student must take a rest and enjoy their or her ‘ME’ time to remain mentally healthy and refreshed. For this, it is suggested that you should involve in a lot of fun activities that will be able to reduce the stress level of the children. It is the responsibility of the parents they should make the environment of the home so lightly so that their children may feel less pressured which will help them to remain confident and perform well in their examination.

Manage Exam Day Stress
The day of the examination will be considered unnatural events happening for students as they have to suffer from different stress levels. It will not be easy for students to remain calm under exam pressure and because of which they react adversely to different situations. If they remain stressed then it will affect their performance and they will not be able to perform as desired in the examination due to the intensity of the stress.

Being a parent it is your duty that you try your level best to lower the stress level in your child by supporting them and providing them best help and preparation that further helps in boosting up their confidence to show their best in their entrance exam. We have mentioned some of the tips that help to manage exam day stress including the following:

  • It is always suggested to eat healthy before entering the examination hall as it helps you to perform mentally in a better way. So you need to eat a good breakfast or lunch depending upon the time of your examination.
  • It is not productive to practise till last night before the examination as it may provide more stress to your mind.
  • Get a good sleep that helps you to remain focused on exam day.

Help your children through the use of private tuition
It is quite daunting for the parents to know how to support their child through the 11+ exam procedure when you are completely unfamiliar with the subject and examination. We understand your situation and that is why we suggest you provide extra tuition to your child as it will help them a lot to have expert knowledge towards their subject matter. Through private tuition, they will be able to get expert guidance from the entire process from start till end. 11+ tutors will help your child to develop skills in the respective area which they were not been able to expose in their school. The private tutors also help them to manage their time and it intrigue problem-solving skills within them that further helps in consolidating their learning.

With the United tuition group, you will be able to provide a personal tutor to your child that helps him to boost his confidence and practice all the necessary skills desired to prepare for the examination. They will also help your children to have assessed to mock test and organise practice papers efficiently. A private tutor helps your children a lot to prepare best for the examination and be able to give his best by remaining confident.

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