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Maths Anxiety – Solutions to overcome it

Mathematics is one of the subjects that generate the most tension among students. This subject constantly leads students to say that “we feel difficulty in maths”, “we are not good with numbers”, and “mathematics is not my thing”. This subject is appreciated for its great practical value in everyday life. And for the importance, it has in many careers related to technology, which are currently and will be even more desired and essential in the near future.

Different studies show that the attitude students have toward mathematics affects the relationship they develop with numbers, sometimes resulting in ‘maths anxiety.’

United Tuition Group, an online platform offering a qualified maths tutor team to GCSE students, will discuss maths anxiety in this blog. Keep reading this blog to understand it and get the solutions to overcome it.

What is maths anxiety and how it affects students?

As its name indicates, maths anxiety is about fear, nervousness, tension, and discomfort that a person experiences when facing contexts of mathematical exercises. This is associated with academic results because it negatively affects them. Maths anxiety is a phenomenon that has been identified since the 1970s and has gained importance in recent years.

Maths anxiety has adverse impacts on students. Many students suffering from this anxiety may lose confidence in their ability to do mathematics. It has been observed that students with this anxiety tend to take the minimum number of required mathematics courses. Ultimately, this trend limits their career.

Suppose a student feels too much tension and nervousness when it comes time to do mathematical exercises. It means the student could be experiencing maths anxiety.

It is also possible to feel maths anxiety in other contexts outside school and exams. Sometimes, people feel anxiety when doing accounts in a restaurant, for example, considering situations in which arithmetic problems are solved.

Maths anxiety is not about doing it wrong. Some research has focused on the performance of students experiencing anxiety on maths tests and assessments. It has not been clear whether the anxiety stems from poor performance or low-performance results from feeling maths anxiety. They are two factors that are closely related and often occur together.

Solutions to overcome maths anxiety

Anxiety can develop:

  • When students are faced with the fear of underperforming,
  • When mistakes are seen as terrible failures, or
  • When students feel like they can’t improve no matter what they do.

You can prevent and overcome maths anxiety by simply taking mathematics as an easy subject. However, it is difficult for students.

So, the best approach is taking tuition outside the school classes. If you rely only on school lectures, you must take private maths tuition too. The best aspect of highly-qualified maths tutors is that they reinforce the growth mentality in students. This way, they make them feel they can improve if they try to develop mathematical skills (like any other skill).

In addition, making maths exercises a part of the everyday routine can help students who experience anxiety a lot.

Maths anxiety must be differentiated from dyscalculia. Dyscalculia refers to a learning difference affecting maths skills, such as counting, recalling maths facts, and understanding maths concepts. On the other hand, maths anxiety is an emotional problem that involves self-doubt and fear of failing. So, overcoming maths anxiety is not a big deal. Look at some more tips to overcome maths anxiety:

  • Study smart and acquire mathematics skills
  • Regularly attend maths class
  • Get organised
  • Continually test and assess yourself
  • Replace negative self-talk with positive
  • Use all resources you have, like online private tuition

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you overcome your maths anxiety and develop the mathematics skills you need to perform well in the next exams.

If you are suffering from maths anxiety, benefit from our solutions but don’t forget to take private tuition. United Tuition Group has qualified tutors who provide students with excellent online tuition. Whether you need to enrol in our GCSE maths course to complete it or only need to do your maths revision online, we are here to serve you. We help students reach their full academic potential!

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