Important Update On A Levels And GCSE Exam 2022

Since the advent of coronavirus, everything has become uncertain especially if we talk about examination. So it is said to be yet another year of uncertainty. But the good news has come that everything seems to be normal as we have discovered a vaccine to fight against coronavirus.

According to a recent report it has been found out that government wants the student who is entering for GCSEs, AS or A level exams in 2022 should be expected that their exam will be taken in the summer and non-exam assessments will be carried out normally throughout the year. But from our reports, we have found out that this is the government primary plan all the there is a great chance that there will be slight changes made in this. It may seem quite a student to seat formally for their exams especially after experiencing huge destruction to their learning because of learning from home. So students must be given some extra help from institutes and their guardians so that they will be able to overcome this situation and be able to give their best in their exams.

  • All those students who have taken Ancient History, English literature, history, or geography as their subject in GCSEs will not need to cover all the content like before for their examination.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned subjects if the students have taken other subjects for their GCSEs and A levels examination will be able to prepare wisely as they need to give advance information about the content of the subject matter for the exam.
  • On the other hand, all those students who have taken physics, mathematics or combined science for their GCSEs and A levels examination, will be given copies of formulae which day refer for solving the numerical problems during the examination. In the past year, students have had to memorize such formulas before the examination as they are not given any copies of formulae.

Important dates
The exact information regarding the examination will be expected to be published later on 7th February 2022. However, the authority’s and governments are of the view that if any need arises they will release more information in response to the pandemic. Therefore you must be very conscious about the latest news regarding GCSEs and A levels examination as it will help you and your child to prepare wisely for the examination and revise the content.

Being a parent if you are considerate about any changes and your child has taken a project qualification in Summer 2022 then you don’t need to worry about any changes because they are expected to be analysed and assessed normally.

What would happen if the examinations got cancelled?
If due to the outbreak of pandemic if the examination got cancelled this summer 2022 then there is a chance that government will carry on with their situational plan. If such a situation arises then the grade of the students will largely be determined by the Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) given by their respective teachers that is similar to the approach which was adopted last year. TAGs can be determined by the teacher based on their assessment of the children and all these grades have much determined from the Mini assessments collected by the teachers which are quite similar to a part of your exam paper.

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