How to prepare for the 11-Plus Exams ?

The 11 plus exam is an important test in any student’s life. Administered to students from the ages ranging from 11 to 12, this exam governs admission to grammar schools and secondary schools using academic selection.  
Like most exams, this series of tests can prove to be challenging and covers four disciplines including verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths, and English. While the first three tests are in the multiple-choice answers format, the English paper is a written assignment. Bearing in mind the importance of this exam, this blog covers the multiple prep routes taken for this exam. Read further to know more.  

Prepare for Your 11 Plus Exam with the Help of a Private Tutor 
When preparing for the 11 plus exam with the help of a private tutor, you have the benefit of one-on-one interaction with a subject matter expert, often in a position to help you anticipate the contents and context of the exam and prepare accordingly.  
Private tutoring sessions are likely to involve tailored tests to identify and tackle areas of weakness, and the primary takeaway here is the presence of a third party guiding you through the challenges of this exam.  
A private tutor for the 11 plus exam costs an annual fee of £2500 to £5000 and owing to the variable quality of tutors, it is incumbent upon you to find a tutor known for excellent teaching standards.  

Tuition Group Prep 
Private tutors tutoring groups of students for the 11th plus exam is quite common in the UK. This mode of preparation offers a degree of one-on-one interactions with the tutor alongside a chance to compare notes and review the curriculum with a peer group. £25 to £30 per week is the expected fees for admission to a tuition group, and this form of 11 plus preparation has proved quite beneficial for many students in the UK and Northern Ireland.  

Guided Courses for 11 Plus Preparation 
For students that do not have access to a private or group tutor for a range of reasons, guided courses have become a popular means of preparation for the 11 plus exam. These tailored guided courses are sent to the student at home and offer phone or online support when required. The guided course consists of work divided into weekly schedules for the student, with all answers at one’s disposal. A guided course is likely to cost 1000+ in monthly payments.  

11 Plus Exam Prep with Books at Home 
Many students simply prepare for the 11 plus exams with a variety of books at home. These books cover the curriculum assessed in the exam, and often the onus is on the students and parents to source a variation of books at each stage of exam prep. Overall, this is a popular and common mode of preparation for the 11 plus exam.  

In conclusion, while there are a number of ways to prepare for the 11 plus exams, dedication, single-minded participation in the course work, and a stress-free approach helps attain the best results.  

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