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A few years back career is something that made people simply fall into. Previously some student will choose their career path while completing their higher education and lead their focus towards their favourite career path choice. More often after completing their school or some people after completing their University education find their way to pursue their career and started working in corporates and achieve different Heights in their future with the same employer working throughout many years.

Now the scenario has changed. Because of contingency arrived and partly due to the circumstances caused because of the pandemic, COVID. After the introduction of covid-19, the idea of a job is now becoming a myth for everyone because so many people have lost their job due to the economic crisis faced by the whole world. As of now, most people does not find any security with their current employer so they are switching their jobs frequently every one or two years. However, this should be a good thing for an employee because by switching the organisation they will be able to learn new things based on the organisational culture of different companies. And if people move to other industry every year then the company required some other people to run the wheels of the company. Right now it is not as easy as it seems to find an employer because today is the phase of cutthroat competition for jobs, especially for entry-level jobs. According to various reports, it has been found out that the leading organisation have limited their job openings and trimmed the job openings by 15% and on the other hand, the applications have been raised by more than 40%.

But it is very important to note that you should never lose hope as it does not mean that there is no opportunity for you. There are still various opportunities that have evolved recently for the graduates including the graduates of 2021. Graduates can now expect a premium salary based on the education and expertise they gained throughout their educational program. Although the entry-level job market is covered up with a lot of competition but graduates having careful planning and selective education in their hand will be able to get higher-paying jobs.

It is the time of career when career guidance plays an important role for students of all ages. At United tuition group we are having a team of qualified consultants who will provide Consulting Services to the students while adopting one on one approach and trying to work exceptionally with students. Our consultants hold several years of experience and with their experience techniques, they try to determine the unique strength of each individual and based on their uniqueness and strength our Consultants will suggest the right career path to them. Our Consultants help your children to start planning their career paths and work their best to achieve them.

Everyone is having some weaknesses along with strengths. Being an experienced consultant our consultant will work to identify those weaknesses and try to help your children to overcome them. To make them more confident and career enthusiastic they may involve providing extracurricular activities or additional courses coupled with hands-on work experience and internships so that they will be able to gain more insights into their vision. We also provide additional support to them in the form of job-seeking strategies, mock interviews and application advice. All these efforts put by our consultants will surely be able to increase the employability of a student by making them able to demonstrate their true value and potential to the employers. These efforts also help the students to boost self-confidence within them.

It is always advisable to provide career guidance to every student from their teen years onward. Career guidance plays a vital role in choosing the right career path for the student that particularly help them to team up with their strength.

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