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Exams Stress – An Overlooked Yet Extremely Crucial Social Issue

When exam season arrives, all students taking GCSE or other examinations are filled with anxiety and worry. The majority of them are stressed. For some, it is mild; for others, it is severe, even causing panic attacks. Of course, the worst-case scenario is that some people become extremely depressed about the situation. While United Tuition Group is always available if you need a GCSE tutor online, this blog will address this highly critical social issue. Let’s have a deeper look at it!

Why Are Exams So Frightening And Intimidating?

Most people, not just children, are terrified by the word “exam.” All our emotions serve a purpose and assist us in completing the task at hand. Some fear can be interpreted as functional anxiety, which allows us to be alert and act appropriately. However, intense fear can be disabling and prevent a person from performing at their best.

There are two significant reasons why fear takes hold.

Self-Worth And Self-Esteem

In every society, exams and grades are extremely important. We’ve been taught that getting good grades is a sign of intelligence and thus tied directly to one’s self-worth. Exam stress increases as one fears performance and how others perceive it. Therefore, those who perform averagely or below-averagely believe they are unworthy. Exams amplify this sense of not being good enough, as well as feelings of shame because they can expose one’s performance in public.

Failure Anxiety

For most people, failing and making mistakes is intolerable. Again, these are limiting beliefs passed down from our elders. Failing exams have consequences, and how a child embraces them determines their feelings. If failure is viewed as the end of one’s life and one feels doomed, it is bound to cause intense anxiety. Exams are considered as a knot around the child’s neck. If the wrong answer is given, the rope tightens; if the correct answer is given, the child is allowed to breathe. There are no greys, only black or white.

However, if one saw failure as an opportunity to explore other possibilities, it would be less frightening. If only exams were viewed as a chance to apply knowledge and grow!

The Role Of Parents And The Educational System

Without a doubt, parents and teachers significantly influence children’s attitudes toward performance and examinations. Parents who emphasise grades excessively and only praise their children for exemplary performance in tests and exams encourage them to become competitive and only focus on grades.

This over-emphasis encourages unhealthy competition. While grades are important, they limit a child’s ability to internalise real learning because the emphasis is on cramming and producing results. This also leads to the youngster equating one’s abilities with grades, which leads to exam fear and anxiety.

What Can Parents Do In This Regard?

Parents play a vital role in helping their children develop self-confidence and self-esteem. When parents are involved, supportive, encourage original thinking, and focus on effort rather than performance, their children develop courage rather than fear.

Parents can try keeping a close eye on the child to assess their learning abilities. Another helpful tip in this regard would be to obtain professional assistance from a tutor. Since tutors are professionals and have a much better understanding of student behavior, they’d be able to simultaneously keep your child prepared and motivated.

To Wrap Up:

This issue is very important, and parents, as well as students, should understand that stressing over exams is never the right thing. Also, if you’re looking for a maths, science or English GCSE tutor, United Tuition Group has you covered.

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