Have You Started Preparing For Secondary School?

Is your child is starting to prepare for secondary school? Are you confused as to which Secondary School to apply for? If you are looking for the answers to all these questions then we have come here with a guide that helps you to solve this problem.

We the people of the union tuition group would like to congratulate all the children who are in Year 6. We are sure that some of you have started preparing for the entrance exam and some of you have already been given such an entrance exam. Some of the others are in the process of deciding which Secondary Schools they need to apply for. If you are among such people then we would like to take the opportunity and congratulate you on your upcoming journey. We hope that your child is excited to be a part of his new journey and their transition to their new Secondary School this September.

All those children who have taken 11 + exams are expected to get their results in the last week of September. In the meanwhile, we are here to share some of the tips that help the parents and children to remain calm and prepare themselves in the best way possible.

  • First thing first. Being a parent it is your responsibility to support your child and prepare them for plan B to not lose hope if they will not get the school allocation of their desired School. Be with them if they will not be able to receive the desired 11+ score.
  • Via email or post, there is a possibility that you may receive your child’s result online. You must remain calm and do not panic while receiving the results from the desired authorities.
  • There is a possibility that your child makes get the desired school which they are hoping for but their friends will not get so. In such time you must understand their emotional trauma and be very considerate while telling the score to your child.
  • Teach your child to how to concentrate on their studies when they took their foot forward towards Secondary School. Talk to them about different ways through which day remain in touch with their old friends once they start with their Secondary School. Also, guide them to make new friends at the new place.

How to apply for a Secondary School place?
With the help of your local authority, you need to apply for the secondary school of your child. In most cases, the deadline to apply for secondary school is 31st October so it is better not to be late. You must check the websites of desired schools from time to time as some of the schools periodically required additional information from the guardian as well.

Is your child in year 5?
If your child is in year 5 then there is a long way to experience the transition of secondary school. It is the right time to start preparing for the transition of your children. If your child is thinking about appearing for the 11+ exam or any other entrance exam then we are here to guide your child in the best way possible. At United tuition group, we are having experienced and specialist tutors who will help your child to prepare very well. If your child is in year 5 then it is the right time to start the process of preparing for entrance exams. Along with preparing them for their upcoming entrance exams, we are also here to help in the selection process of your child by helping you to prepare for associating with the local authority for the selection of your child in their desired Secondary School.

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