Advantages Of Online Tuition

Flexibility: One of the biggest benefits of online tuition is that arrangements can be made very easily as neither the student nor the tutor has to commute, and this can save a lot of hassle. Commuting requires appropriate arrangements to be made and can be very time consuming. Online tuition can be arranged very easily as all you require is mutual availability for the students and the teacher. Also, online tuitions can be very flexible and can be rescheduled as no prior travelling arrangements need to be made. Also, two shorter sessions can be scheduled rather than having one long session which can be an effective way of teaching and keeping the students engaged.

Interactive: The platforms used for online tuition such as lessonspace and zoom have very interactive features which keeps the student engaged. Most teachers used the online whiteboard which allows them to illustrate and model an answer and later students can attempt a different question. These interactive tools also allow the teacher to share and go through lessons slides just like teaching in a classroom.

Resourceful: Another benefit of online tuition is the access to hundreds of different online resources which can be shared with the student during the session. This can also include watching a short YouTube on an experiment and later an exam questions on it can be shared; it allows the teacher to see on the screen how the student is answering the questions and an effective feedback can be provided. As mentioned above, lesson slides can be used to teach a particular topic.

Environment: Online tuition allows the student to have the session from their own comfort surrounding and allows the teachers and students to have access to all their materials. This can also have a positive impact on the student as the student would feel for comfortable; hence stay more engaged.

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