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United Tuition Group - 11 Plus Tuition

Are you looking for 11 plus tuition that matches your child's needs? Are you a student worried about the 11 plus Examination? Do you doubt your child's preparedness for the 11 plus Examination if he will be able to perform well?

There are many parents facing the same issues when it comes to 11 plus home tuition, as there many institutions which are offering 11 plus tuition both online as well as offline. But where there are so many options choosing the right one becomes difficult.

Well, in this case, we can completely assure you that your child's preparation is in safe hands if you choose United Tuition Group. We have an expert team of highly qualified and experienced 11 plus teachers who can help your child get good grades.

Is your child facing difficulties in scoring good grades?

Is your child's mock test quite disheartening? Are you worried about what 11 plus tutors can help your child get decent grades during the final assessment? Do you feel like the marks your child is getting not up to the effort he/she makes? Is it because your child is missing the basics?

United Tuition Group clearly understands the concerns of both the parents as well as their children. And we are there to help you by providing the best eleven plus tuition meeting the requirements of your child.

Why choose United Tuition Group?

We know it becomes getting the basics clear just before you start the preparation for an examination are a must. It helps children in the long run if he gets the best tutor right at the beginning.

Our experienced teachers cover Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning with weekly mock exams provided. We also provide 11+ intensive revision courses a few weeks before the exam to ensure that your child is fully prepared for the exam.

Well, your search for the 11 plus coaching ends with United Tuition Group. Our expert teachers will help your child to get acquainted with 11 plus courses in no time. We also provide 11 plus revision courses where our teachers provide Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning with weekly mock exams to get a clear assessment of the progress your child is doing.


UTG, the teaching platform on which most students rely, offers online and home tuition covering all exam boards, which they arrange as one-to-one or a small group session. We believe that the best quality education can only be delivered by highly experienced teachers that we have selected for your child after an extended screening.

By choosing us, you have entrusted us with the responsibility of your child. And we will surely make sure you won't lose faith in us. Our 11 plus tutors have years of experience dealing with the curriculum, and they know the best way how a child can excel in the subjects like Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The 11+ intensive revision courses are conducted few weeks before the Examination you can join for the same too.

Prices: Group sessions from £12/hr
One-one session from £30/hr

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